21.05.2019, 09:13 | anhorvat

Final MERIA conference will be held on the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, on Monday 27th May and Tuesday 28th May.

08.04.2019, 14:15 | anhorvat

This weekend, on Saturday 6th April 2019, Croatian teachers have returned for the second part of the MERIA workshops!

26.09.2017, 14:47 | czrpp
The meeting of Slovenian partners (University of Ljubljana and National Education…
20.09.2017, 16:52 | czrpp
Project coordinator Matija Bašić, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, gave a…
07.09.2017, 09:06 | czrpp
As part of the project MERIA needs and impact analysis, a series of interviews were held…
31.08.2017, 16:47 | czrpp
Practical guide is the first result of the MERIA project team developed by the University…
29.08.2017, 08:06 | czrpp
On Monday 28 August 2017, MERIA was introduced to teachers in Split, Croatia.
28.08.2017, 10:30 | czrpp
In the new issue of MERIA newsletter we discuss the comparison of educational systems in…