MERIA Practical Guide to IBMT

MERIA Practical Guide to Inquiry Based Mathematics Teaching presents a practical introduction to the basic tenets of IBMT described in four chapters:

  1. What is Inquiry Based Mathematics Teaching? 
  2. How to Pursue IBMT? 
  3. The Theory of Didactical Situations
  4. Reallistic Mathematics Education

with a glossary of relevant terms from mathematics education and an appendix presenting suggested references for further reading. The booklet elaborates on the methods promoted in the project MERIA that foster inquiry based mathematics teaching, with all the principles illustrated with many examples of appropriate tasks and problems. 

The Practical guide for IBMT was developed by the University of Copenhagen and Utrecht University in cooperation with University of Zagreb, National Education Institute of Slovenia, University of Ljubljana, Vordingborg Gymnasium and XV. Gymnasium Zagreb.

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MERIA Practical Guide to IBMT