MERIA methodological and module design workshops

During the project there will be two waves of workshops (cascading model of training educators). It is planned that a minimum of 30 pre-service and in-service teachers (per workshop) of mathematics in secondary school will participate in the first three workshops in Croatia, Denmark and Slovenia. These workshops are planned for January 2019. Main aim of workshops is to promote inquiry-based mathematics teaching and learning and the methodology used in the project MERIA.  Workshop lectures will be designed according to teachers' needs and barriers.

Next three workshops form the second wave of workshops and will be held in the same countries in April 2019. Again, a minimum of 30 teachers will participate in each of these workshops on innovative teaching scenarios and modules designed through project MERIA. At the workshop participants will learn how to use newly designed materials and the digital repository to edit, add or comment materials. Through the course teachers will try to design their own materials and will study new assessment guidelines incorporated in the teaching material.

Call for application of participants will follow in the course of year 2018.

January and April 2019