Guidelines for development of innovative inquiry based scenarios and modules

Guidelines form a framework describing the methodology used in project to design teaching and learning materials.

It includes templates, with exemplars, for the design and presentation of teaching scenarios (didactical situations and corresponding teaching and assessment method), modules  (written or digital materials accompanying teaching scenarios, such as lesson plans, student assignments or digital worksheets to support a specific mathematical activity) and guidelines for use of the templates by designers, including guidelines for in- and outsourcing to digital environments and use of digital tools.

The templates should help achieve a user friendly, homogenous presentation of didactical designs to trainers and teachers. Guidelines set out formal and content criteria to be adhered and it were developed by the University of Copenhagen as leading institution in cooperation with experts from University of Zagreb, National Education Institute of Slovenia, Utrecht University, University of Ljubljana, Vordingborg Gymnasium and XV. Gymnasium.

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MERIA template for scenarios and modules